Mitzeee’s sister Maxine is TROUBLE

Hollyoaks has a new babe! Nikki Sanderson, best known for her portrayal of Corrie’s Candice Stowe, crashes into Hollyoaks as Mitzeee’s big sister Maxine – and is greeted with a slap! Here, Nikki tells Soaplife all about Maxine’s arrival…

So, what is Maxine like?

“She’s a bit feisty, very confident and knows exactly what she wants, how she wants it and exactly how she’s going to get it!”

Tell us about her entrance…

“She arrives in a taxi and moves through the village causing havoc. The first person she meets is Darren and she cons him into believing the taxi driver is up to no good. She fobs the driver off by paying him in euros and making out he’s getting a good deal. Then she bangs on the back of Jack’s car, sits down and pretends she’s been run over! After that, she sells lots of make-up kits, but they’re filled with stones.”

What a character! When does she get around to seeing Mitzeee?

“Maxine’s in the pub causing a kerfuffle when Mitzeee walks in. It’s a shock because Mitzeee hasn’t told anybody about her sister. They haven’t spoken for five years because Maxine stole Mitzeee’s fiancee, Gary.”

So Mitzeee isn’t happy to see her…

“No! She’s trying to rebuild her life after everything that’s happened and the last thing she wants is Maxine causing trouble. Maxine doesn’t understand how much Mitzeee has been through and she isn’t that understanding about stealing Gary. She’s like, ‘Get over it, it was five years ago.'”

Where is this Gary now?

“Maxine got bored with Gary, sold the bar they were running from under his nose and stole the cash. It’s a lot of money and she’s hidden it in her clothes… which Myra throws in the washing machine. A lot of the cash turns to mush.”

Can Maxine build bridges with Mitzeee?

“Over time, Maxine starts to realise what a tough time Mitzeee has had. At one point, she says something about Riley and Mitzeee gets really upset. Maxine doesn’t understand the extent of Mitzeee’s feelings for him. She does want to put things right with Mitzeee – and with all the other people in Hollyoaks she upsets.”

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