Model Wallis takes over role of Holly in Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks’ Cindy Longford is delighted when her daughter Holly Cunningham returns to the village.

Bankrupt business woman Cindy, played by Stephanie Waring, can’t afford the bills for 14-year-old Holly’s posh boarding school any more so she is coming home after two years.

Actress and model Wallis Day, 18, is taking over the role, which was previously played by Lydia Waters before Holly went away to school in 2010.

Wallis said: “I am thrilled as I’ve been a fan of Hollyoaks for many years. The whole team have been so welcoming and really friendly – it’s like being part of a large family and they’ve taught me so much already.

“Holly is a really exciting character with plenty of surprises up her sleeve, so you’d better watch to see what happens. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I’m enjoying every minute!”

At first Holly seems to have become very well-mannered, but as she refuses to give up the lifestyle she becomes accustomed to, her bratty nature comes out and she is revealed to be a real chip off the old block of catty mum Cindy.

But Cindy is so pleased to have her daughter back she doesn’t seem to notice how badly Holly is behaving and how much she resents her.

Meanwhile, it has also been revealed that Dodger Savage’s twin sister Sienna Blake has been recast.

Actress Anna Passey will play the role, instead of Emily Lawrence, who was announced as having been cast earlier this month.

Anna and Wallis will make their Hollyoaks debuts in November.

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