Hollyoaks’ Mercedes McQueen is pregnant with Tony’s baby – and actress Jennifer Metcalfe warns that sister Jacqui will kill her if she finds out!

Why ever did Mercedes sleep with Tony?
“She was absolutely hammered that’s why! She didn’t know what she was doing. But she was also furious at Jacqui for giving her a slap.”

How did she feel when she woke up the next morning?
“She couldn’t believe what had happened. Neither could Tony. They were both appalled.”

So, she doesn’t fancy him then?
“No, no, no! The opposite of fancy. She doesn’t even like Tony. He doesn’t like her either. That’s why neither of them can understand what happened between them.”

How could she betray Jacqui like that?
“Mercedes hates herself for it. She feels incredibly guilty and ashamed of what she’s done. It’s surprising Jacqui doesn’t guess something is wrong because Mercedes can’t look her in the eye.”

And then she finds out she’s pregnant! How does she react?
“She’s totally devastated. She felt bad enough about sleeping with Tony. Finding out she’s pregnant is a nightmare.”

Does Mercedes tell Tony?
“Yes.They may not like each other but she feels Tony has the right to know that she’s pregnant with his baby.”

And how does he react?
“He’s horrified! He can’t get his head round the idea that she’s pregnant with his child.”

Jacqui’s desperate for a baby. Would Mercedes consider giving the baby to her sister?
“She does consider it. But she doesn’t tell Jacqui who the father is, she makes out she just got pregnant on a random one-night stand.”

And will she go through with that?
“She decides not to give Jacqui the baby even though Jacqui wants it. Mercedes can’t cope with the fact that the baby’s Tony’s. If the pregnancy really was the result of a random one-night stand then I think maybe she would be willing to give the baby to her sister.”

Does Mercedes want to keep the baby herself?
“She would if it was Russ’s or maybe even the product of a one-night stand. But Tony’s baby and all the baggage that comes with that? No thanks!”

So the only option looks like a termination?
“That’s certainly what she decides she’ll do and she takes money from Tony’s till and tells him he’s paying for it! But Jacqui rushes to stop her…”

What will Jacqui do if she finds out the baby is Tony’s?
“Er, kill Mercedes? Kill Tony? I don’t really think she would go that far but she’d go a bit psycho. You know what Jacqui’s like.”

Does Mercy think Jacqui could every forgive her?
“I honestly don’t know. It would take a long, long time for Jacqui to get over it – if ever!”