Murder! I dunnit, says Newt!

Hollyoaks Nico Mirallegro reveals that Newt’s alter-ego Eli is back… and one of them could be a killer!

Newt is at the centre of Hollyoaks’ huge flashback storyline. What’s it all about?

“The first episode of the week ends with Newt waking up in the woods. He’s lying next to Gaz, who has been brutally bashed over the head with a rock, and Newt has blood all over his hands. The rest of the week is a series of flashbacks to see whodunnit.”

Whose names are in the frame?

“The attack happens while Newt, Lauren, Anita and Ricky are staying at a remote cottage and they’re all suspects to the police. Every one of them has a motive for wanting to harm Gaz…”

Why is Gaz at the cottage with them?

“He follows them after Lauren lets slip where they’re going. And as is always the case with Gaz, he wants to make trouble. It’s a bit like The Blair Witch Project.”

What kind of trouble?

“He’s got a video clip of a kiss between Newt and Anita and he tells her he’ll show it to Theresa, unless she agrees to have sex with him. Ricky has no idea about Anita and Newt’s kiss either and Gaz is enjoying playing everyone off against each other.”

Then things get out of hand… How?

“They’re all in the woods when they realise Anita isn’t with them any more. Newt finds Gaz attacking her back at the cottage. They fight and Gaz chases Newt into the woods. Somehow it ends with Gaz attacked…”

The police question them all. How does it go for Newt?

“Badly. He ends up admitting he’s stopped taking the medication for his schizophrenia.”

Why did he stop taking it… and when?

“Sometime before the trip to the cottage. He thought the medication was affecting his happiness and felt he’d be better without it. In fact, the reverse is true. He’s been seeing shadows and things that aren’t there – like writing which says ‘U r not alone’…”

Has Newt’s alter-ego Eli come back?

“Yes. Eli comes back when Newt is at his lowest… and he’ll be around for a while…”

Is Gaz dead or alive?

“He’s in a coma in hospital after the attack and Newt goes to see him. But while he’s there Gaz flatlines. Newt’s terrified. He believes Gaz is dead and does a runner.”

Where does he go?

“Back to the woods where the rest of the gang find him and where they end up all accusing each other of killing Gaz. Then suddenly one of them confesses…”

Who is it? Is it Newt? Is it Eli?!

“Newt’s convinced he did it but the moment in the woods is the big reveal and it comes right at the end of the week after all the flashbacks. I think you’ll be surprised!”

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