Murder plot to devastate Hollyoaks’ Texas

Hollyoaks’ dark murder plot will show a new side to Texas Longford.

The fun-loving student, played by Bianca Hendricks-Spendlove, will be left devastated when her sister India (Beth Kingston) is murdered by a man she meets on a dating website.

As well as highlighting the importance of online safety, the soap’s series producer Paul Marquess said the storyline is also about grief.

He told Hollyoaks‘ official website: “Texas, who is quite a new character in the show, has been quite light and daft up until now and it’s interesting to see her cope… Although she’s not, she feels responsible for what happens with India.

“It’s about dealing with really strong emotions when you’re relatively young. The online safety will run all the way through, but actually it’s a bigger story than that. It’s about how you cope with feeling responsible and what it’s like to lose someone really close to you.

“The real tragedy for Texas is because she was always taking the mickey out of India she never got to say she loved her, which is really sad.”

The story unfolds after India decides to follow in Tex’s footsteps by trying her hand at online dating.

Paul also promised the story will feature a twist in terms of who the killer is.

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