When Myra McQueen learns that Father Kieron is John Paul’s lover in Hollyoaks it’s an out and out disaster! Actor James Sutton reveals all…

How does Myra find out about John Paul and Kieron’s affair?
“She catches John Paul in Keiron’s bedroom!”

Did she suspect then?
“Not at all, it’s all Niall’s doing. He tells her Keiron’s forgotten the notes for Max and Steph’s wedding and she offers to pick them up. Next to them she find a love note Keiron’s left for John Paul just as John Paul comes out of the shower and into the room!

How does she react?
“She’s appalled. She runs out of the flat and John Paul follows her. She heads for the church then proceeds to ‘out’ Kieron in front of all the wedding guests.”

Does it stop the wedding?
“Kieron tries to carry on with the ceremony but Myra shouts over him, calling him a liar, a hypocrite and a fraud.”

What does John Paul do?
“He’s devastated and tries to shut his mum up but she’s not having any of it. When she’s finished her tirade, she rushes from the church. John Paul follows her while Kieron’s left to try and continue with the wedding.”

What does she say to John Paul?
“They have a huge row with Myra telling John Paul he’s no son of hers.”

So what now for John Paul and Kieron?
“Myra basically throws John Paul out and he goes to stay at Niall’s. As for Kieron he has some serious soul-searching to do. Does he want John Paul or his priesthood? He can’t have both.”

Do the church highers find out?
“The church sends Father Raymond to see Kieron in an attempt to get him to change his mind.”

Does John Paul genuinely love Kieron?
“I think he does. He tells Kieron that he’s there for him and that they’ll brave this out together. The idea is that they will become a proper couple and Kieron will give up the church for John Paul.”

But will he really?
“It’s not going to be easy. It will be John Paul and Kieron against the world and the question is will their relationship is strong enough to cope with the pressure…”