Myra’s secret son arrives in Hollyoaks

Myra McQueen’s secret son tracks her down – but Hollyoaks newcomer Barry Sloane warns it’s not out of love… it’s out of hate!

You’re Niall, Evissa’s new stylist. But Niall has a secret connection to the McQueens, doesn’t he?

“He certainly does! It’s already been reported he’s Myra’s son. She had him when she was 14 and abandoned him in a church because her parents forced her to.”

So he’s managed to track her down. How lovely…

“Lovely isn’t part of his plan. Niall’s out to get revenge on his mother for doing what she did. He’s had an unhappy and lonely life because of what happened to him.”

What’s he planning on doing?

“He wants to break up the McQueens… then Myra will know how it feels to be abandoned.”

But she had no choice but to abandon him by the sounds of it…

“Niall doesn’t see it that way. He knows Myra has five children and they’re a tight-knit family. He could have been part of that family. One more child wouldn’t have made much difference.”

Couldn’t he be part of the family now?

“Niall’s so angry he wants to punish his mother and his brother and sisters too for that matter. He wants them all to suffer like he’s suffered.”

What’s his plan then?

“He starts making friends with the McQueens to worm his way in and destroy the family. He’s already working with Carmel at Evissa and gets on well with her. He can be very charming with everyone – on the surface…”

What happens when he meets Myra for the first time?

“Niall really has to hold it together. Myra comes into the salon and Carmel introduces them. He has to act like she’s no one special yet she’s his mother! It’s not easy for him to act normally. He’s also worried Myra will instinctively know he’s her son.”

How did he find out Myra is his mum?

“When he was 18, Niall was given details of his birth parents like all fostered and adopted children are. He’s 27 now and it’s taken him years to track her down.”

What about his dad?

“Niall has no idea who his father is. Maybe Myra doesn’t even know, although I think she must. Surely she wasn’t sleeping with so many men at 14 that she doesn’t know who made her pregnant! Niall may share a father with Mercedes and Jacqui as there’s something similar about them.”

So when will Niall let Myra know who he really is?

“Not until he’s achieved what he’s set out to do – which is bring Myra to her knees…”

How come Warren beats him up?

“It’s actually a misunderstanding as Niall is just helping Louise who’s injured her ankle. Warren gets the wrong end of the stick but when he goes for Niall he gets punched on the nose as Niall instinctively hits back.”

So, just how dangerous is Niall?

“I wouldn’t say he’s evil exactly but he has a real dark side – and he’s definitely a danger to Myra and his sisters!”