Cleo McQueen has painted herself into a romantic corner in Hollyoaks, but Celine has a plan to capture Nathan's attention. Does he actually want her interest though?

Cleo McQueen wants Nathan, but he seems to want Lisa. So Cleo pours her heart out in an email to him… and Celine sends it, reveals Hollyoaks star Nadine Mulkerrin.

So what exactly are Cleo’s feelings towards Nathan?
“She has this ongoing friendship with him and they’ve been working together closely at The Dog. She fancies him and has developed strong feelings. It is that blurred line where you really love someone as a friend and start to realise that you are attracted to them on another level.”

Why did Cleo push Nathan and Lisa together if she liked him?
“I think she felt that her and Nathan were never going to be, so she decided to play Cupid. I remember reading the script and thinking ‘Why is she doing that if she secretly likes him?’ But I think women do that sometimes.”

What makes her think now is the right time to do something about her feelings?
“She has confided in Celine and she tries to convince her that she should say something to Nathan. She says: ‘He is with Lisa so there is nothing I can do. I have missed my chance.’ However, Celine convinces her to write this email message, admitting how she really feels.”

What does the email say?
“They have a few drinks and get a bit giddy at the McQueens’ and it is a very Bridget Jones-style confession. It is sweet and honest, the sort of thing you would write in a diary – thinking that nobody will ever see it. She has no intention of pressing send.”

How does Cleo react when she finds out Celine did press send?
“She goes crazy and then it becomes a mission to find and delete the email before either Nathan or Lisa sees it.”

But Nathan asks to see her…
“Celine suggests that Nathan wants to see Cleo because he likes her, so she makes a real effort – Celine helps her get ready and she turns up in a dress.”

Will Cleo’s love be reciprocated?
“It will be a shame if it isn’t – it’s awful when you get dumped on screen; it feels as if you are actually getting dumped in real life!”