New characters set to ‘stir up’ Hollyoaks

Channel 4 are about to spice up Hollyoaks by introducing three major new characters, including a new love interest, an ASBO-laden bad boy and ‘a classic soap villain’.

The feather-ruffling trio includes Cheryl’s ‘gorgeous’ best friend Lynsey (Karen Hassan, pictured), who first popped up in 2008’s Hollyoaks Later series. Insiders on the soap say she’ll put noses out of joint when she becomes the love interest of a much-loved Hollyoaks resident – though they haven’t yet revealed who that will be.

Also joining the show is new boy Bart McQueen (Jonny Clarke), who will dupe the McQueens into taking him in when he meets Myra and the girls at his step-mum’s funeral. At first he appears to be the perfect gentleman – but, after taking him home, they realise that he has a list of ASBOs to his name, and a thirst for getting into trouble…

Finally, there’s Cheryl’s brother, Brendan Brady (Emmett Scanlan). While everyone else sees him for the troublemaker he is, Cheryl thinks he’s wonderful. But her faith will be shaken when his scheming ways become more obvious.

“Driven by inner demons, he lies, cheats and is willing to do just about anything to get what he wants,” said a spokesperson for the soap. “He’s scheming, nasty and at times violent, and he’s set to stir up some serioius trouble.”

Brendan, Bart and Lynsey will make their screen debuts in the second week of August.

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