Newt fears he’s killed Jack

Eli may not really exist but Hollyoaks actor Nico Mirallegro reveals that he can still make Newt commit murder!

Why does Newt try to make Eli leave?

“He’s terrified people will find out he and Eli have been causing all the trouble in the village. But Eli won’t go.”

Could that be because Eli is just a creation of Newt’s mind?

“Well… it’s beginning to look that way. He’s always around to help when Newt’s upset and angry but no one else actually sees him. Also Newt told his psychiatrist when he was young Eli was just there, that he turned up when Newt’s mum abandoned him.

And now Eli is telling Newt that Jack doesn’t want him…

“He tells Newt they have to get rid of Jack before he finds them out and sends Newt back into care.”

Does Newt believe him?

“He’s trying not to but Jack’s having problems with money and Frankie and tells Newt he’s going to have to stay at Nancy’s for a few days… and Newt starts to believe Eli. He goes to Nancy’s but he doesn’t communicate with anyone while he’s there. He feels completely abandoned by Jack…”

Is Eli at Nancy’s with him?

“He is but of course no one knows. Eli starts telling Newt he needs to get Jack back. He tells Newt he knows what he has to do… kill Jack!”

Does he go through with it?

“He sneaks out of Nancy’s at night but when he gets to Jack’s he sees a body in the car park – he doesn’t see who it is, just the legs. Then Darren appears and shouts ‘You’re ruining everything!’ at Newt.

In fact, Darren means ruining his plan to fake Jack’s death…

“But Newt doesn’t know that. He immediately thinks the body is Jack’s – and that he’s responsible for killing him!”

Where’s Eli in all this?

“Newt runs off and hides in the Jubilee Gardens and when he wakes up Eli’s there. He tells Newt ‘You can’t hide or they’ll know it was us who killed Jack’.”

What does Eli tell Newt to do?

“To go back to The Dog and act like nothing has happened. Newt’s wracked with guilt. He has no idea Jack’s faking his death and is really still alive but in hiding. His paranoia starts to spiral out of control and Eli is right there, feeding off it…”