Niall wants Steph and he’s going to have her… even if that means dying together says Hollyoaks actor Barry Sloane!

Steph takes a break in an isolated part of the Scottish Highlands with Craig and Tom. But there are more than the three of them on this happy holiday, as Niall watches close by…
“Niall is madly in love with Steph. He’s willing to kill Craig to get to her – and he’s even willing to kill Tom too. Niall is far, far scarier than ever before.”

Doesn’t evil Niall kidnap young Tom as a way of getting close to Steph?
“Niall makes contact and tells Steph if she wants Tom back she’ll have to agree to meet him. But Tom escapes. Niall can’t believe he’s been tricked by a child and goes to get Steph. Nothing’s going to stop him.”

As Niall locks Tom up and ties up Craig, he’s desperate to get Steph to say she loves him, isn’t he?
“Niall is determined to play happy families with Steph as his wife, Tom as his son and himself as the twisted head of the household.

Mmm, the perfect family…
“There’s a scene where Niall’s holding a seven-inch blade while pouring lemon juice over Steph and Tom’s pancakes and asking Craig if he’d like one while Craig is bound, gagged and with a huge gash down his face.”

Surely Steph wouldn’t want a bar of Niall after this?
“The weirdest thing is that Niall firmly believes that even if he kills Craig, Steph will still believe Niall is the love of her life and they’ll live happily ever after. When someone is that far gone everyone else is powerless to stop them.”

But when Steph makes a run for it and ends up on a mountain top, it’s not long before Niall is right there with her…
“Niall thinks that if he can’t have her then he’s determined no one will. Niall’s idea is that he and Steph will die together on a lovers’ leap. But Craig is desperate to save his sister, leading to a dramatic climax on the edge of a cliff…”

Can you give us a hint about what happens?
“Someone is going off! And there’s a death…”

But who dies? Watch Late Night Hollyoaks between November 24 and 28 on E4.

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