Niall makes his confession to Keiron!

Niall tells all to Kieron, but does he let him live? Hollyoaks star Barry Sloane reveals, well, almost all…

How does Myra end up talking to Niall about his dad?

“Niall’s known all along that his dad was a petty criminal called Martin Brownlow who was sent to jail. Myra’s talking to Niall about John Paul and Kieron’s plans to marry when she reveals her first love – Martin Brownlow – was fatally stabbed while he was in jail.”

How does Niall react?

“He’s shocked, but manages to disguise it. Then he visits his father’s grave and questions how he has been forgotten just like his father. He vows that happy families don’t stay happy for ever…”

Does Niall know Myra’s asked Kieron to track down her adopted son… Him?

“He has no idea until Kieron finds out it’s him.”

How does that happen?

“Kieron finds his adoptive mother – a Mrs Jean Snow.”

What does she tell Kieron about Niall?

“That he’s not really called Niall for a start! His real name is Matthew Brownlow and ’Matthew’ is still in touch with his adoptive mum. She shows Kieron a photo of Matthew and his girlfriend. And who should they be but Niall and Steph! At this point the penny drops with Kieron.”

Does Kieron tell Myra?

“Insteads, he confronts Niall at the flat, wanting to know why Niall didn’t tell Myra. Knowing the game’s up, Niall confesses to absolutely everything and breaks down in tears. I think it’s a relief to get it all off his chest.”

So he doesn’t turn violent towards Kieron?

“He’s actually very calm and doesn’t lash out…”

But he does drug him. Does he kill him as it’s been rumoured he might?

“You’ll have to watch and see. But remember that so far although Niall has tried to kill, the only time he has was when he didn’t mean to and accidentally ran over Max!”