Nick reveals it’s love at first sight for Tony!

Hollyoaks‘ Nick Pickard reveals that after months of living with I-love-you-I-love-you-not Cindy, Tony’s ready for some real loving!

Why is Tony planning a move to Wales?

“It’s Cindy’s idea. He’s not keen at first, but then he comes to the conclusion it could save his marriage. He’s all over the place as far as Cindy’s concerned, but he’s not ready to let go of their marriage just yet.”

How does he meet new girl Gabby?

“He rushes to help her when she’s run over. After she’s been taken to hospital, he finds her phone in the road just as her daughter is calling. He tells her what has happened and says he’ll meet her at the hospital.”

Is he just being a good Samaritan in going to the hospital?

“Er… no. It’s love at first sight for Tony.”

Does Gabby give him any indication it could be the same for her?

“Well, she asks him to look after her kids – daughter Amber and son Taylor – while she is in hospital which is good enough for him!”

Is she a single mum?

“It turns out she’s married but, like Tony, she’s not happy. Her husband works away from home and she’s plotting to leave him.”

Will Tony end up helping her?

“From the start he very quickly gets embroiled in the drama of her life. But the accident gets in the way of Gabby’s plans…”

Hasn’t Tony got enough drama on his hands with Cindy?

“Meeting Gabby has made him realise his marriage is over and he intends to tell Cindy that as soon as he gets home.”

What does he say when Gabby asks him if he will be there for her when she gets out of hospital?

“He says he will be – he’s thinking, ‘You’ve got the goods girl!’”

Do they kiss?

“Not at this point, which is annoying as I like to kiss my leading ladies!”

Does Tony take Gabby back to Hollyoaks with him?

“No. Her husband returns and she’s too scared to leave him.”

For now… We know Gabby is set to come to Hollyoaks. Will she come for Tony too?

“Tony would like that!”

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