Tony‘s rebound sex gets him arrested reveals Nick Pickard from Hollyoaks!

Is it all over with Tony and Jacqui this time?
“There have been so many lies and so much deceit throughout their relationship that I think Tony and Jacqui have reached burn-out as a couple. I think he still loves her. That hasn’t just gone away.”

She doesn’t seem to feel the same when she gets him charged with sex with a minor. What happens?
“Tony’s really down so Cindy drags him out to The Loft where there’s a ‘school disco’ themed night – everyone’s in school uniform. Tony drinks far too much and gets off with this girl, Theresa. He ends up sleeping with her not knowing she’s Jacqui’s cousin… and only 15.”

When does he find out Theresa is Jacqui’s cousin?
“When Jacqui storms round and starts thwacking him, screaming he’s slept with her 15-year-old cousin! What’s worse is that Theresa is making out Tony practically raped her.”

Why is she saying that?
“Because after their encounter Theresa wants to have a relationship with Tony. He finds out she’s only 15 and was a virgin and tells her he’s very sorry but a relationship isn’t going to happen.”

So he could be done for having sex with a minor and rape?
“Oh yes. He’s arrested and his life goes into freefall.”

Could Tony end up going to prison?
“If he’s found guilty then he’ll probably have to do time. If he’s let off, I think the best thing would be for him to go away for a while to sort himself out. Whatever happens, he is going away because I’m doing Panto at the Liverpool Empire this Christmas with Cilla Black and Jennifer Ellison. I play Dandini in the production of Cinderella!”

You’ll be back though?
“Definitely. I’m due back on set in January. Tony being Tony will still be having relationship problems, no doubt. Tony’s had so many girlfriends over the years I’ve lost count. But womaniser or celibate, I’ll play him any which way they want!”