OB craves some Summer lovin’

Will OB’s dream girl lure him away from Hollyoaks? Actor Darren Jeffries hints maybe!

So, OB’s finally got together with Summer. How does he feel?

“He really can’t believe his luck. He’s with the girl of his dreams!”

Summer’s not a girl to stand still though. She’s set her sights on going to London, hasn’t she?

“Hollyoaks is simply far too small for Summer to pursue her dreams of making it as a musical theatre star. She wants to give London a go.”

But where does that leave OB?

“She wants him to go with her. To be there for love, support and company.”

So, he gets an ultimatum?

“He does. She says she’s going – with or without him!”

But how can OB go? It’ll mean leaving Max behind!

“They’ve been a double act for years but things are changing. There was that huge fallout they had when Max falsely accused Simon of being a paedophile…”

But they’ve made up, haven’t they?

“They have but there’s still something of an undercurrent. Things aren’t quite the same.”

What do you mean?

“Maybe OB feels it’s time to move on. He’s become a bit jaded with living in Hollyoaks and living and working with Max. Also Max never seems to listen to OB – he ignored him over Clare and he ignored him about Simon. Consequently, OB finally feels like he wants to branch out a little.”

Girls! They always come between mates!

“Well now Max and OB have girlfriends things are bound to change. The girls have made a difference. Max is with Steph now and OB has Summer. Ironically, it was his annoyance with Max over Simon that brought OB closer to Summer because he confided in her.”

So, does OB up sticks and go to London with Summer?

“He wants to go but he’s a bit scared. He tells Summer he can’t go and she leaves without him.”

But then Max tells OB he’s a fool! Does that make him change his mind?

“He races after her and catches her at the bus station but that doesn’t mean he goes with her…”

We all know you’re leaving soon. Is this your exit storyline?

“I’m not going until February so talk to me then and I’ll reveal all!”

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