Mandy thinks she and
Louise are on the same
side… but they’re so not,
warns Hollyoaks star Sarah Jayne Dunn…

Warren suddenly tells Mandy
that they’re leaving Hollyoaks
together. How does she react?

“She’s in a spin and can’t believe her ears. But Mandy’s willing to do whatever it takes because she wants to be with him.”

So do they make their getaway?

“Mandy waits and waits, but Warren doesn’t turn up as Calvin’s police mates have forced him to beat up Warren and he’s badly hurt. The minute Mandy hears about it she rushes to the hospital.

And Warren drops a bombshell…

“He tells her he’s changed his mind and
it’s Louise he really loves. Mandy’s devastated and wants revenge. She decides it’s time Louise realised exactly what Warren’s been getting up to behind her back so she tells her
they’ve been sleeping together for months and were going to run away together.”

How does Louise react?

“She’s furious and smacks Mandy across the face. There’s a lot of shouting and crying but eventually the girls talk…”

And share secrets, we hear…

“Louise tells Mandy all about Warren killing Sean and about Jake Dean’s incarceration. Louise says they’re going to join forces and she’s going to marry Warren – then get him sent down for murder and they’ll split his money.”

And Mandy agrees?

“She wants nothing to do with it, but then Warren offers her ���£5,000 to leave for ever. Mandy’s so insulted by this she goes straight to Louise and tells her she’s in!”

We know Louise is going to get her
revenge on her wedding day – but is
it only Warren she’s after?

“Louise isn’t being straight with Mandy. Viewers will think Louise and Mandy have teamed up to get revenge on Warren, but in fact Louise has a secret and sinister plan B.”

So Mandy should be afraid?

“Very afraid… Inside, Louise is eaten up with fury and rage. She’s capable of practically anything to get her own back.”

Even murder? We’ve been told
Louise is going to get hold of
a gun… Is that true?

“All I can say is that what happens in the run-up to Christmas and the wedding will take your breath away!”