Ricky Whittle quite likes the idea of being the next Robert Pattinson.

But the Hollyoaks actor doesn’t covet R-Patz global pin-up status – just the opposite – he wants to play ‘a vampire or werewolf or even a psycho’.

When asked about his dream role he said: “There’s loads of good things out there. I’d love to get involved in all the Twilights or the True Bloods. I’d love to play something animalistic.

“Or the opposite, something quite geeky or camp or something. I want to do something physical where I have to change the way I walk, the way I stand.

“Calvin (Valentine) has been very down the line, the character I played in Dream Team was very down the line, I’d like to do something extreme.”

And Ricky is even happy to lose his TV pin-up tag – which has developed from playing ex-policeman Calvin and performing in Strictly Come Dancing.

When asked if he would be pleased with an extreme change of character, he said: “Yeah, something like a vampire or werewolf or even a psycho. Get me to grow a beard. rough me up a bit, have me smacking people about and have me doing something horrible and mean, that people look at and go, ‘He’s horrible. I hate him’.

“Or go the other way and give me some glasses and some sort of limp or someone very weak, where I’m bullied all the time and beaten. Something gritty, dark or just challenging. Straight down the middle is lovely, but I’d like to be challenged at work and be able to handle that.”

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