Ricky Whittle: Calvin wants Mercedes for Xmas!

Hollyoaks’ Ricky Whittle reveals Calvin and Mercedes aren’t just having a fling… now it’s a full-blown love affair!

Any danger you’ll leave Hollyoaks after your huge success on Strictly?

“I’d love to go to Hollywood at some point but I’m more than happy to stay in Hollyoaks for the foreseeable future. In fact I’ve just signed a new contract.”

Does that mean Calvin’s affair with Mercedes is going to continue?

“It does… and it’s becoming more than an affair. There’s a chemistry between them that’s more than just physical. Calvin used to think she was a tramp and she thought he was boring. But since working together at The Loft, Calvin realises there’s a vulnerable side to Mercedes and she’s discovered he’s got a sense of humour.”

It’s more physical at Christmas though…

“The attraction’s been building… They keep giving each other little looks and if they happen to brush against each other it’s electric. Mercedes has a massive row with Malachy, Calvin comforts her and next thing you know they’re tearing each other’s clothes off. It’s real animal stuff.”

What they don’t know is that Malachy sees them… Does he confront them?

“He doesn’t. He just walks away without saying or doing anything.”

Whose idea is the Sexy Santa contest?

“It’s Malachy’s. He’s testing Mercedes and Calvin. He wants to know if what he saw was a one-off or more serious.”

And do they pass the test?

“No way. Mercedes is in a very revealing Christmas outfit and Calvin’s just in Santa trousers, braces and a hat. They win the contest and have to kiss. Mercedes, fearing Malachy knows the truth, continues to tell Calvin they mustn’t have an affair but they simply can’t stay away from each other.”

It is going to get serious then?

“For Calvin more than Mercedes. He’s in danger of really falling for her – maybe so much he’ll want her not just for Christmas but all to himself…”

Do you enjoy Christmas, Ricky?

“I love a traditional Christmas. The ones I had as a kid were fantastic…”

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