Riley’s sex bomb is ticking in Hollyoaks!

Hollyoaks’ Rob Norbury tells Soaplife that Riley he can’t resist when he’s seduced by a mystery blonde. But how far will he go?

Why is Riley getting on the wrong side of Warren?

“He’s starting to make it big in football and he brags about the sports newcomer award he’s receiving that night. He’s 19, he’s got this new Mercedes jeep and he’s just being a bighead.”

Doesn’t he realise Warren’s dangerous?

“Riley’s oblivious to that side of Warren which is a big mistake. Warren plots to set Riley up with this gorgeous girl called Alex and break up his relationship with Mercedes. Of course, Riley has no idea it’s a trap as he’s not the brightest man.”

Warren invites Riley along to a top club where Alex approaches him. What happens?

“She catches him off-guard. She’s gorgeous and very forward. She puts herself on a plate for Riley and they kiss. He has no idea Warren’s paid her to spend the night with him.”

Does he go that far?

“He instantly regrets the kiss. He pulls back and thinks ‘Hang on a minute. I’ve crossed a line.’ He realises he doesn’t want to ruin things with Mercedes, turns down Alex’s offer to go home with him and leaves.”

But he drives off even though he’s been drinking. Why?

“He just wants to get out of there. He’s had more than he should and he feels bad about driving.”

How does he feel when Carl has a go at him about drink-driving?

“Mercy has just had a go about him being out with the lads, then his dad lays into him and says he’s disappointed in him. It makes him feel a bit rebellious.”

Does Mercedes find out about Alex?

“She overhears Riley say that some girl tried it on at the club. She’s not happy…”

So Riley decides to drown his sorrows back at the club?

“He does. Alex turns up and the tension sizzles, but Riley reluctantly refuses. Then Alex comes on to him again in the men’s bathroom. Riley’s been shouted at by everybody and he thinks ‘What the hell!’ He ends up in a clinch with Alex, oblivious to the fact that Mercedes is on her way over to the club…”

How will Riley feel if Mercedes catches him with another woman?

“Gutted. He’ll have put his relationship at stake for a girl who means nothing to him. Riley loves Mercy and intends to marry her. He’d do anything to get her back.”

How would Riley feel if he found out Mercedes was sleeping with his dad?

“Devastated. A father shouldn’t do that to his son. He’d blame his dad.”

Could he forgive either of them?

“Riley is too nice for his own good and I can see him forgiving both of them in the long run. I can’t wait for the truth to come out. It’s going to be explosive when it happens…”

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