Sarah Jayne: ‘I think Mandy’s having a breakdown’

Hollyoaks‘ Sarah Jayne Dunn tells Soaplife that Mandy’s not just fallen for Warren, she’s ready to be as evil as he is to get what she wants…

Mandy’s back for good, but there’s nothing good about her return for Tony. Revenge on her ex is her number one goal, followed closely by getting Tom back. “She gets Warren to help her…so it’s an evil plan,” warns Sarah.

Can you fill us in on what went wrong between Mandy and Tony while they were away?

“Mandy told Tony she couldn’t have more children and he freaked out and left her in Laos. That’s why she wants her revenge.”

Where’s Mandy’s three-year-old daughter Ella?

“With relatives. Mandy is really proud of Ella.”

Why does Mandy want Tom so badly?

“He’s her half-brother and she hasn’t been there for him. He’s lost Max and Steph and she feels guilty. She wants to create a family unit.”

But Tom’s happily settled with Frankie…

“And Tom says he wants to stay where he is. But Mandy’s going full steam ahead with her plan to get Tom.”

All this revenge and scheming is quite intense…

“This is a different Mandy. I think she’s having some sort of breakdown.”

Can you tell us about her relationship with Warren?

“She’s passionate about him, but he’s just using her.”

Can’t she see how dangerous he is?

“She knows he’s not good for her but she’s in too deep now. Also he’s very clever with his mind games…”