Sheree Murphy joins Hollyoaks… as Anita’s secret mum and, just maybe, she says as Ravi’s new lover!

We already know Eva gave Anita up at birth. But why?
“Eva was only 16 and couldn’t even look after herself let alone a baby. She knew the Roy family and that’s why she gave them her baby.”

What’s made her come looking for Anita?
“Anita’s dad has written to tell her Anita knows she’s adopted now and might start looking for her, so Eva takes the initiative.”

She meets Ravi first. Does she know he’s Anita’s brother?
“She does. She has a newspaper article with a picture of Ravi and Dom at Relish and that’s where she goes first. Ravi takes a bit of a shine to her then Anita accidentally pours a pot of coffee over her and, realising who she is, Eva runs out of Relish.”

But she stays around?
“Ravi asks her out and she decides to use him to get close to Anita. But Eva makes up a name – Kate – as she’s still deciding whether to tell Anita who she really is.”

So she doesn’t really fancy Ravi?
“She thinks he’s sweet, but she’s not thinking beyond Anita. However I keep hearing rumours they’re going to have an affair.”

Do they kiss?
“Ravi tries to kiss her but they’re interrupted, which comes as a relief to Eva.”

What’s known about Anita’s dad?
“Not much. It was a holiday romance in Blackpool.”

Does Eva want a mother-daughter relationship?
“She’s not sure. She likes the idea of her and Anita starting afresh, going shopping and doing fun things. But I’m not sure she’ll be able to cope with all the emotional issues that come with finding a daughter she gave away as a teenager.”

When does she tell Anita the truth?
“She rolls up a few times before Anita finds out. It takes about three weeks.”

How is it being back in soap?
“I was so nervous. All I’ve done since Emmerdale is an episode of The Royal and
I really felt the pressure. I’m enjoying it though!”