Hollyoaks hardman Trevor is still convinced it was policeman Ben who attacked him when he was released from prison at the start of the year. Still traumatised by the attack, Trevor decides it’s time to settle the score.

So he storms down to Hollyoaks High School, where Ben is giving a talk to the students, and it all kicks off in the corridor!


As Trevor and Ben’s feud spirals out-of-control and the men get into a dust-up, there’s another drama when teenager Nico suddenly collapses. Ben, who is dating Nico’s mum, Sienna, is straight on the scene.


Ben and school teacher John Paul fear the worst for Nico, when it looks like the teenager has had a heart attack. Could it have been brought on by the stress of all those dark secrets she’s been keeping from Sienna and Ben?


As Nico’s life hangs in the balance, John Paul calls for an ambulance. But will the paramedics arrive in time to save her life? In the aftermath of the drama, Ben blames Trevor for what has happened. But how far will he go to get even with Trevor?


Things take a dark turn when Ben later confronts Trevor at The Loft, armed with a gun. Moments later, Sienna hears a gunshot sound from inside the nightclub… Has someone been shot?

Watch the drama in Hollyoaks from Monday, February 8 on Channel 4