Silas will unleash Halloween horror in Hollyoaks!

Hollyoaks‘ Jeff Rawle talks to Soaplife about how Silas’s killing spree will come to a horrifying end on Halloween’s Fright Night as a very pretty Cat Woman loses all her nine lives!

Halloween! The perfect time for ghosts, ghoulies – and serial killers like Silas. With lots of tricks up his sleeve, Silas has laid down the gauntlet: he’s going to commit a final grisly act of murder and has challenged Lynsey to find out who it is to save a life. Amy, Theresa, Texas and Lynsey herself have been marked by Silas as possible victims on a frightening Fright Night. Can Lynsey triumph – or will sick Silas strike again? Soaplife spoke to Jeff about this latest twist.

So, Silas’s lust for killing hasn’t been fulfilled?

“No, I think he’s revved up for the big one now. He has told Lynsey that if she can guess who it is, he’ll hand himself in. He has upped the stakes and sees Lynsey as a worthy opponent.”

Why did he kill Rae?

“She made some comments about boys and he saw her as being a woman with loose morals. He’s very old-fashioned and doesn’t like women who mess about in that way – as his own wife did. He thinks he’s doing the world a favour by ridding it of women like that.”

How can the women of Hollyoaks survive?

“By staying indoors! Nobody is safe. Theresa’s already in his sights, Lynsey is a possible and so is Mercedes – he really doesn’t like the McQueens! There are lots of other women whose morals Silas would consider questionable. He has already said that Hollyoaks makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like Sunday school. It could be anyone.”

But if he kills again, Brendan will be released and Silas will be a suspect.

“That’s a good point, but he’s not really worried about what happens to Brendan. He wants his exit to be remembered. Anyway, he doesn’t think he’ll ever be found out. He believes he is invincible.”

Why haven’t the police caught him yet?

“The police in Hollyoaks aren’t that good! But it often happens that the killer turns out to be somebody they’ve already questioned and never suspected. Silas has managed to ride the local police and doesn’t see them as a threat.”

How would he feel if his family found out he was a killer?

“He hasn’t really considered that to be a possibility. He does love his family and wouldn’t want them to know.”

How dangerous is Silas?

“He’s a psychopath and he has slightly lost the plot now. He’s very dangerous. He thinks he hasn’t got a lot of time left to live and feels he has nothing to lose.”

Does this signal your exit?

“That depends on whether or not Silas is successful. Also, the doctors might turn round and tell him it was a mistake; there’s nothing wrong with his heart!”