‘Ssh! We’re going to die’, says Jake

Hollyoaks’ Jake Dean decides that if he can’t have baby Charlie – no one can! Actor Kevin Sacre tells us about his twisted plan…

The only thing Jake cares about in his life is being little Charlie’s dad. But this is threatened when his custody battle with Nancy starts to go wrong…

“At first the custody battle with Nancy seems to be going Jake’s way. But then Nancy reveals to a packed Dog that Jake is a rapist. He denies it but in retaliation he reveals to the custody court that Nancy was a druggie.”

And with that, Nancy reports Jake to the police and he’s arrested for attempted rape!

“He’s bailed but it’s looking really bad for Jake when his own sister backs up Nancy’s claim and then his mum finds out he’s guilty too. He decides there’s only one thing he can do…”

What? Kidnap sick Charlie from the hospital?

“He takes Charlie with the intention of killing himself and the child. He sees it as the final solution.”


“It’s not about getting revenge on Nancy. Jake is very, very messed up and he’s lost it. He doesn’t think of it in terms of actually murdering Charlie. He thinks Becca is reaching out to him from beyond the grave and telling him and Charlie to join her.”

As Jake drives into the woods with plans to gas them both in the car, he calls Nancy, doesn’t he?

“He leaves a message on her phone, basically saying goodbye. The writers, director and myself discovered through research that this is what people who’ve decided to commit suicide often do. They’re calm and measured because they’ve made their decision and they want to tie up their loose ends.”

But some background noise on the phone message gives Nancy a clue as to where Jake is…

“She races to the woods and finds Jake and Charlie in his car. Jake’s already unconscious so she grabs Charlie then slams the door and leaves Jake to his fate…”

And does he die? Does Charlie die?

“Jake doesn’t die in the car but that’s all I’m going to say!”

If he does live, will Jake return to being the nice guy he once was?

“Personally, I’m enjoying playing Jake as this crazed, horrible character. It’s been a challenge to make him nasty but from the feedback I’m getting I seem to have succeeded!”