‘Ste doesn’t want anyone else to have Brendan’

Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson talks to Soaplife about Ste’s new relationship with Noah – and his attachment to bad boy Brendan…

After months of being battered and manipulated by Brendan, Ste is enjoying his relationship with Noah and standing up for himself. “Noah is like a breath of fresh air to Ste,” Kieron tells Soaplife. “Noah is good-looking and not scared to be openly gay.” Does this mean bad boy Brendan is finally out of his system?

What has Ste told Noah about Brendan?

“He’s obviously talked about him, but he hasn’t told him that Brendan abused him. I think he’s embarrassed about it. Ste was a macho guy once and the fact that he let his boyfriend beat him makes him feel less of a man.”

How does Ste feel about Brendan now?

“Ste wants to fall for somebody who is right for him, but I think Brendan will always have a hold over him. He loves him, but knows he can’t be with him.”

How does Ste feel when he has to cancel plans with Noah because Brendan wants him to work?

“He’s annoyed, but I think deep down he’s flattered that Brendan is jealous. Also, he’s got Amy and the kids to support, so he thinks he may as well work and earn the money.”

Does Ste confront Brendan?

“Yes, he says ‘I know what you’re up to.’ Brendan doesn’t admit it, but the look on his face tells you everything.”

Ste has hit Brendan with a baseball bat – would he get violent again?

“He doesn’t want to. He went to anger management classes after that and he’s supposed to be a changed man. He wouldn’t want that side of himself to reappear. It was a one-off.”

But does he feel more able to stand up to Brendan?

“Yes, he does. Not physically, but verbally. Ste doesn’t feel like Brendan has all the power any more.”

But we know Brendan torments Ste when they visit a gay bar…

“Noah sets it up because Ste knows how much Brendan hates gay bars. But Brendan actually makes out that he’s enjoying it and dances with other men. He’s trying to make Ste jealous and it works.”

How would Ste feel if Brendan got involved in a new gay relationship?

“Outwardly, I think he’d make out he was OK with it, but it would kill him inside. He doesn’t want Brendan, but he doesn’t want anyone else to have him.”

Will he ever escape Brendan’s hold on him?

“No and I don’t think he wants to. Neither do I, because it would mean I wouldn’t be working with Emmett [Scanlan, who plays Brendan] any more. I think the connection that Brendan and Ste have will remain, no matter who they’re with.”

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