Hollyoaks‘ Ste desperately regrets his violence and deeply loves Amy… but it’s not enough for her to stay says Kieron Richardson

Amy freaked when she found out Ste had baby Leah. Did he kidnap her?

“Amy left Leah with Michaela who then dumped her on Zak. When Ste offered to look after her, Zak didn’t need asking twice.”

Does Ste hope it will help him get Amy back?

“It’s not a plan. But he does want Amy and Leah back – and he wants his unborn baby. He begs Amy to let him be part of the baby’s life.”

Amy waivers… Is there hope fot Ste again?

“It’s not looking like it. Amy’s getting closer and closer to Josh and she tells Ste they’ll never get back together. Ste’s devastated. He’s lost everything. He has no real friends and now his little family has rejected him.”

Even so he ends up threatening Amy again…

“Not physically and not really intentionally. He reminds her that once she’s given birth to his child she won’t be able to keep him away.”

And that makes things worse, right?

“Much worse. It makes her think about having an abortion.”

Does Ste find out?

“Josh blurts it out. Ste’s winding him up and Josh warns not only is he back with Amy but he’s taking her to have an abortion. Ste’s horrified and rushes to find her.”

Is he in time to stop her?

“Amy’s furious Josh betrayed her but she tells Ste that she’d already decided not to have the abortion. Ste’s so relieved. He tells her he’s changed and how much he still loves her.”

And she breaks his heart again…

“She’s adamant keeping the baby doesn’t change a thing. She tells Ste she’s with Josh now and doesn’t want him in her life.”

Will he give up on her now?

“He’ll never give up. He tried to throw himself off a roof the last time she rejected him – it was his weird way of showing her that he loved her.”

If Ste loves Amy so much why did he keep hurting her?

“Because he doesn’t know how to show his love. He hates himself for what he’s done. He’s not an out-and-out baddie. He does have a conscience but he’s very messed up.”

Justin suggests Ste go to anger management classes. Would he do that?

“He does agree to give it a go. Ste will do whatever it takes to get Amy back. Being with her and Leah is the only security he’s ever known…”