Hollyoaks’ Max and Steph are breaking up and making up so often that even actress Carley Stenson doesn’t know if the wedding’s on!

Does Steph regret her kiss with Niall?
“Not totally but she’s desperate Max doesn’t find out. Niall’s been acting as her shoulder to cry on since she spilt with Max but the kiss was a mistake.”

Sounds like she wants Max back…
“Steph’s devastated they’ve broken up and the wedding’s off. But it turns out Max is too. He comes to see her and they make up…”

Until someone tells him about the kiss!
“In a way it’s Niall’s fault. He tells Carmel who tells Mercedes who tells Dom who tells Max!”

Could it be Niall does it deliberately to stop Steph going back to Max?
“Niall definitely fancies Steph. But when he sees how hurt she is when Max breaks up with her again after finding out about the kiss he genuinely wants to put things right for her.”

What does he do?
“He tells Max the kiss was one-sided and his fault. Max hits him and Steph’s horrified.”

Doesn’t it show how much Max cares?
“It might but later she hears Max listing all her faults to Dom. Sadly what she doesn’t hear is Max then saying he loves all those faults…”

Does she go to Niall again?
“She knows she shouldn’t after all that’s just happened with him and Max… but she does!”

Could she have feelings for Niall too?
“There’s a sexual tension between them. I think she fancies Niall but it’s Max she loves.”

Isn’t Niall more Steph’s type than Max?
“He is much more the type she usually goes for. Plus, he really does care about Steph. He genuinely likes her.”

How would Steph feel if she found out about Niall’s secret life though?
“What? That he’s really Myra’s son and has caused the McQueens loads of trouble trying to get revenge? It wouldn’t exactly endear him to her! She’d appreciate Max all the more.”

So she does still care about Max then?
“They still love each other but it’s as if they keep missing each other emotionally as well as physically. On Steph’s part she’s deeply hurt Max has known her for years yet he doesn’t seem to know what she’s really like…”

Will they marry?
“If they can be together long enough without all the constant misunderstandings and hurt feelings… then maybe!”