Ste’s baby joy!

Will Amy let Ste be daddy to his new son? Try and stop him says Hollyoaks’ star Kieron Richardson…

How come Ste and not Amy’s current boyfriend Josh is there when Amy gives birth?

“Because it’s unexpected – and at her home. Ste overhears Sasha and Michaela saying that Amy’s on her own as Josh is in the pub so he goes to see her. He’s making her a cup of herbal tea when her waters break!”

Does Ste know what to do?

“Not really. At first he just leaps around shouting: ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Amy wants him to call Josh… Does he?

“Not likely. Josh has said to him on so many occasions that Amy won’t want him at the birth yet he’s the dad, he should be there. Instead he phones the hospital and they say it sounds like Amy’s got loads of time.”

Only it turns out the hospital are wrong…

“The hospital suggest Ste call a cab but Amy’s contractions are getting stronger. When the cab doesn’t turn up, Ste calls his new mate Danny whose girlfriend, Abi, is a midwife. They turn up just in time.”

Does Ste help deliver the baby?

“Not exactly. As Abi talks Amy through the birth, telling her when to breathe and so on, Ste follows the instructions himself. It’s very funny. Suddenly the baby pops out. It’s a boy and he starts crying. So does Ste!”

Will the birth bring Ste and Amy closer?

“I think it’s bound to – it’s Ste who’s by her side, not Josh. And, of course, Amy and Ste now have a baby son together. I’m sure Amy still loves Ste but I feel, although he’s a reformed character, he’ll have to prove himself a bit more before she trusts him again.”

Surely Amy won’t stop Ste from seeing his son?

“I don’t think Amy will but some of the people around her might try and stop Ste from being a dad. People like her dad Mike for instance.”

What about Josh?

“Things aren’t really that great with Josh and Amy. He likes Amy but his music career comes first. All Ste does – his every thought – is for Amy and the family.”

So, is Josh or Ste the man for Amy?

“Ste definitely. He genuinely loves Amy and more than anything wants to form a proper family with her.”

Your producer has said that both Ste and Josh are in for a shock after the birth. What kind of shock?

“I can’t tell you that. We want it to be a surprise. I’ll tell you what though – we were all very surprised by it. None of us saw it coming.”

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