Ste’s baby-snatch tragedy

Hollyoaks‘ Kieron Richardson says Ste has no idea his friends are plotting to steal his son…

We all know Daniel and Abi are after baby Lucas. Has Ste got no idea?

“He has absolutely no suspicion they’re not all they seem. He trusts them 100 per cent.”

Isn’t Ste at all concerned about why he feels either hyper or super-tired?

“He’s looking after Lucas as well as working and thinks it just comes with being a parent. He has no idea they’re drugging him with caffeine pills to make him stay awake at night and sleeping pills so he keeps nodding off during the day.”

Why does Ste ask Gilly if he can have his old place back?

“Daniel gets annoyed when Lucas is sick on his laptop and Ste thinks they’re in the way. Actually, it’s the last thing Daniel wants as it will break his hold over Ste.”

So how does Daniel stop Ste leaving?

“He talks Gilly out of it and Ste has to crawl back to Daniel and Abi’s place. He’s grateful when they take him back which means Daniel has an even stronger hold over him.”

Natty tries to warn Ste they’re after Lucas. Why doesn’t he listen?

“Natty tells Ste that Daniel and Abi did the same to him. But Daniel’s told Ste that Natty harmed his own child so Ste wants nothing to do with him. Daniel then goads Natty into hitting him, which confirms to Ste that he’s dangerous.”

Dangerous enough to kidnap Lucas?

“Ste believes so when he wakes up and finds Lucas gone. In fact, Mike took him after finding Ste asleep at Daniel’s and Lucas playing unattended. When Ste wakes he panics and thinks Natty’s stolen Lucas. He wants to tell the police but Daniel and Abi stop him.”

When they find Lucas with Mike, Ste plays right into Daniel’s hands. How?

“There’s a big row and Mike hits Ste then Ste threatens he’ll never see Lucas again. It might have been said in the heat of the moment but Daniel sees a way to keep Mike out of Ste’s life and talks about getting an injunction to keep Mike away from Lucas.”

Do Daniel and Abi want Lucas for themselves?

“The drugging and everything is to make Ste believe he’s a rubbish dad and that it would be best for Lucas to be with better parents. Abi’s desperate to replace the baby she lost but Daniel wants to sell Lucas.”

But would Ste ever give up his son?

“Losing Lucas would be the worst thing to ever happen to Ste. It’s hard to see he’d give him up, but if they manage to wear him down…”