The McQueens hijack Big Brother (VIDEO)

Hollyoaks’ feisty McQueen sisters caused a stir among the Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack housemates by choosing one of the boys to go on a special date with them.

Actresses Jennifer Metcalfe, Claire Cooper and Gemma Merna – who play Mercedes, Jacqui and Carmel McQueen on the soap – picked Jeremy, Anthony and Nathan for a special dating masterclass on Saturday.

They then called each of them into the Diary Room for a tete-a-tete.

After being coached by John and Latoya, Anthony won the date in the girls’ special boudoir, complete with champagne and chocolates on a leopard-print bed.

But Scottish political animal John was left miffed when the other boys were chosen ahead of him – and later fell out with boxer Anthony after a water fight.

Meanwhile, Anthony revealed his true feelings about Calista to Latoya, saying: “I think she’s brilliant but I don’t want to cuddle her all the time or hold her hand.”

The housemates will be spoilt rotten by the next hijackers – Big Brother’s Big Mouth presenters Mathew Horne and James Corden – after they apparently offended the group with a ‘countdown’ joke.

The pair are set to clean the house, give housemates gifts and make them some tasty treats.

VIDEO: Watch Hollyoaks’ McQueen sisters talk about the hijacking

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