Theresa’s pregnant… by Calvin!

Hollyoaks’ Jorgie Porter reveals that Theresa’s pregnancy is going to break lots of hearts…

Why did Theresa ever sleep with Calvin when he was with her cousin Carmel?

“She thought it was all over between Calvin and Carmel when they got together. You know what those two are like… it’s always on and off. She feels terrible about it now.”

Was it just a one-night fling for her or something more?

“Something a lot more. She’s really fallen for Calvin. He’s her dream man. Worse, she’s so young and naive she thinks he likes her.”

Is she shocked to learn she’s pregnant?

“Totally. Theresa’s so paranoid she always does a pregnancy test after stupidly having sex with no contraception. But she’s gobsmacked when the result is positive.”

Does she tell anyone about the baby?

“Anita finds Theresa in the skate park looking worried and tries to comfort her… and Theresa lets slip she’s pregnant.”

What about Calvin… Does she tell him?

“She wants to, but she’s struggling to find the right time.”

How does she think he’ll react?

“She’s hoping he’ll say they can be together, but that’s not likely to happen. He’s more likely to offer to pay for an abortion.”

Would she tell Carmel if that happens?

“She’d be really hurt… and it would make her think he’s not good enough to marry Carmel. But I’m not sure she could do that to Carmel. She’ll have to tell the family she’s pregnant though.”

Why do Theresa and Michaela ruin Carmel’s wedding dress?

“They don’t mean to. They’re messing around and being girlie. Theresa tries the dress on and gets red wine all over it. She lends Carmel her bridesmaid dress and stands down… Just as well as she’d feel really bad standing there as a bridesmaid knowing she was carrying Calvin’s child.”

A child with no daddy after Calvin’s shot at his wedding. Could Theresa be the one who pulls the trigger?

“It could be her, but I like to think she wouldn’t do something so stupid…”

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