Tony proposes!

Hollyoaks‘ Nick Pickard says Tony walks right into Cindy’s trap when he asks her to marry him…

Is Tony and Cindy’s on-off relationship on or off?

“On… then off when Cindy thinks her marriage plans are never going to work and dumps him.”

So how come Tony proposes?

“It’s a bit of a shock but he misses Cindy. They talk things through and, out of the blue, Tony proposes in jest. But Cindy goes along with it…”

So she accepts?

“They get engaged! It’s ironic. Tony has no idea it’s what she’s been after all the time, although for a while he did suspect she was manipulating him. But she stops trying and, suddenly, he proposes!”

Will it be a long engagement?

“Cindy will want to get married as soon as possible before Tony can change his mind.”

Does Tony have any suspicion about her dodgy plan with Darren?

“Cindy’s acting like she genuinely loves him and he desperately wants that love so he’s not at all suspicious.”

Does Tony believe she loves him?

“He thinks so. Certainly she does have some feelings for him – and not just his bank balance.”

Does he love her?

“He’s fallen for her, yes. It surprises him but she’s started to mean a lot to him. Cindy’s smart and sexy and they’re good together.”

How would he feel if he knew about her arrangement with Darren?

“He’d be furious but also he’d be really down about it. It would upset him to think they were trying to con him but he’d be angry with himself for being so gullible.”

Is Tony convinced Cindy’s over Darren?

“I know it’s not that long ago since he caught her in bed with Darren but that was before Tony told her they were finished. They got back together then she finished with Darren. So the dynamic of the relationship has changed. Tony thinks she’d never have agreed to marry him if Darren still meant something to her.”

What reaction does he get from friends and family to his engagement?

“Dom thinks Cindy’s a gold-digger. I think he’ll try to talk Tony out of it. His friends will be shocked – many of them think Tony’s still on the rebound from Jacqui.”

Jacqui’s back… How does she react when he tells her his news?

“She’s secretly devastated.”

Will the wedding go ahead?

“I have a feeling it will. I don’t want it to make Tony look stupid, though. I want him to come out on top… We can’t have Cindy and Darren making a fool out of him.”

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