Hollyoaks’ Nick Pickard warns Soaplife Tony’s asking for trouble when he lets Gabby back into his life

Tony thought he’d seen the last of Gabby… How does he react when she comes into Il Gnosh?

“He’s shocked. She’s with her husband Phil and they have this big row. Phil storms out and Gabby breaks down. Tony comforts her but then she goes back home.”

Is that it then?

“It could be but Theresa plays Cupid. She pinches Gabby’s phone then tells Tony to return it to her. Gabby’s happy to see Tony and reveals she’s leaving Phil again and wants his help.”

That’s what she said before. Soaplife reckons Tony’s a bit quick to get involved again – why?

“Because he’s basically a good egg and Gabby’s vulnerable.”

But Phil catches them packing… What happens?

“He’s really angry and there’s a bit of pushing and shoving with Tony. But just as Phil’s about to kick off, the kids Amber and Taylor come home and he doesn’t want to be violent in front of them.”

Do they escape?

“Phil can’t stop them leaving and Tony takes Gabby and the kids back to his flat. But Amber doesn’t like being there. She calls her dad and arranges for him to pick her and Taylor up at the park.”

Does Gabby lose her kids?

“No, Gabby threatens Phil that she’ll tell the kids about what he did if he doesn’t let them go. He’s done something bad and doesn’t want it coming out… so he backs down.”

For now… Soaplife has a feeling Tony should be scared of Phil

“He should. Phil’s a nasty piece of work and I don’t think he’ll go away. He’ll bide his time and pick his moment to strike…”

Is Tony prepared to take on Gabby and her kids?

“I think he’s crazy but yes he is. He desperately wants to settle down and be part of a family.”

Could this be the love of his life?

“It has the potential to be. Gabby’s around for a while and Tony’s smitten with her. He likes this idea of looking after somebody. It brings out the best in him…”