Tony and Jacqui are desperate for a child, but Hollyoaks star Nick Pickard warns that their hopes may be jinxed…

How serious is Tony about
wanting to adopt a baby
with Jacqui?

“It’s not something he even considered until Jacqui suggested it. Now he’s really into it though. They were both heartbroken when she lost the baby and found out she can never have children. Adoption could give them the family they desperately want.”

Do you think they need a child to seal
their relationship?

“Not necessarily – they love each other but they’d like to have a family together.”

Will they stay together if they can’t
adopt a baby?

“I can’t answer that. People get together and split up for all kinds of reasons in Hollyoaks. It’s a dating merry-go-round!”

Jacqui has a very chequered past. Does
Tony think she’d make a good mum?

“She’s undeniably rough and ready but Tony sees some very good qualities in her. She’s genuine plus having a baby to care
for would probably soften her
sharp edges and make her
more responsible.”

Isn’t he worried her criminal past
won’t exactly go down well with
the authorities?

“It’s at the back of his mind but he’s trying to be positive for her sake.”

And she’s still married to
Alek the illegal Albanian…
“Yes and Tony’s still married to Mandy. They aren’t the ideal couple to adopt by a long way.”

It turns out this is the opinion
of the authorities too and they’re knocked back.
How do they take the news?

“They’re devastated.”

Will they give up now?
“Their desire is very strong
so not necessarily. They
could look into surrogacy
or something.”

Is Jacqui really the one
for Tony then?

“He’s committed to her and wants them to be together. They have a connection even though they’re constantly splitting up and getting back together. Jacqui could well
be his Mrs Right at last.”

Tony’s lost two babies now –
first little Grace then his and
Jacqui’s unborn baby. Does he
feel jinxed never to have a family?

“It would be surprising if he didn’t. But maybe he already has a child – or maybe he’ll get someone pregnant by accident…”

Ooh. Is that going
to happen?

“Maybe… maybe not!”