Twinnie Lee Moore describes her baptism of fire as Porsche McQueen on Hollyoaks (VIDEO)

Hollyoaks‘ latest McQueen babe, Twinnie Lee Moore, says her debut as Porsche McQueen on the soap was ‘nerve-wracking’ while a co-star labelled it a ‘baptism of fire’.

The actress only debuted on the Channel 4 soap last week, but her wedding to Lockie on Monday precipitates a major disaster when the wedding party boards a train for the reception on Tuesday night’s episode.

Twinnie told What’s on TV: “We had a wee sneak preview [last] Tuesday and for me, I was airing that night, my first ever episode and to actually sit with everyone and watch myself and I was like ‘Oh god, this so nerve-wracking!’ because I’ve not seen anything… And I was like ‘Please be good, please be believable’ But it was great.”

Her co-star, Cameron Moore (no relation), added: “[It was] a proper baptism of fire because not only have you got this big scene, the wedding, but you’re watching it with the entire Hollyoaks cast, crew, your boss, your boss’s boss.”

Twinnie added: “And you’re just praying ‘Oh… I hope people think I’m good.'”

She describes Porsche as a ‘massive personality’ who has ‘travelled around the work, very socially aware, she knows how to mix with people, she can work people out quite quickly… She acts with a hard exterior, but she’s as soft as anything.”

Watch the interview with Hollyoaks’ Twinnie Lee Moore and Cameron Moore, above


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