Warren confesses to murder!

Sean, Louise, his unborn baby… Warren tells Calvin he killed them all. Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas tells us why Warren has to go.

Warren’s got a huge storyline coming up. What happens?

“It’s the beginning of the end for Warren though he doesn’t know it when he agrees to go for a drink with Calvin. Calvin’s wearing a police wire and his intention is to get Warren to confess to as much as possible – then arrest him. And it nearly works…”

What goes wrong?

“Warren’s conscience has been getting to him and he gets very, very drunk. So when Calvin keeps going on about how guilty he feels about killing Nige, how he’ll never be able to live with himself, Warren tells him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about… then he just spills.”

What does he say?

“He tells Calvin he killed Sean. He also admits to killing Louise. He tells Calvin he’s haunted by what he’s done, especially as by killing Louise he also killed his own unborn baby.”

What happens next?

“He’s totally bound up in his confession. He’s in tears… Then Mark and several police officers burst in and arrest Warren for Louise’s murder. Warren demands Calvin tell the police it’s not true. But when Calvin says nothing Warren grabs him and exposes the wire.”

Is it the end of Warren?

“He’s taken to the police station and it looks like it’s all over for him… except the tape connected to Calvin’s wire didn’t record!”

So despite being a murderer, Warren is also a free man?

“There’s no way Warren can be detained because it’s just Warren’s word against Calvin’s. Which is very bad news for Calvin…”

We bet he’s not happy with Calvin?

“Full of hatred, Warren glares at the interview room mirror knowing Calvin’s on the other side and says he’ll be waiting for him at The Loft. And he doesn’t have to wait long. Calvin’s sacked from the police and goes after him.”

And then what?

“They’re both furious about each other’s betrayal and have a vicious fight. It’s really something with incredible fight scenes.”

So now that Warren has confessed, what will he do next?

“Afterwards Warren’s totally paranoid that everyone knows he’s a killer. He lets Sasha move in with him to get back at Calvin then threatens Justin. He was the only witness to Sean’s murder and has the power to bring him down so Warren warns him that Hannah will suffer if he tells Calvin anything.”

Does Justin go along with it?

“Justin promises to say nothing but Warren’s got to him and Justin later tells him he’ll do whatever he wants as long as he pays him enough money to get away from Hollyoaks.”

We’re sensing something’s going to go very wrong!

“This is the beginning of the Warren storyline drawing to a close and it’s no secret that not everyone will come out of it alive…”

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