Warren deals with the aftermath

Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas reveals that Warren isn’t losing any sleep over killing Louise!

How’s Warren coping with things after killing Louise on their wedding day?

“He has the facility to shut down parts of his brain – the parts dealing with the awful stuff he’s done, like killing Sean and now Louise. It’s rather psychopathic. It’s scary!”

What did he do with Louise’s body?

“Only Warren knows but he’s not saying – nor am I! He’ll have hidden her somewhere – after all he’s good at hiding dead bodies, isn’t he?”

Is he absolutely sure she’s dead?

“Oh yeah, he’s sure all right.”

How long can he get away with it?

“He’ll get his comeuppance at some point but I honestly don’t know when exactly. It won’t be for a while yet though.”

Does he feel remorse for killing Louise and, as it turns out, their unborn baby?

“Warren feels he had no choice but to do what he did. The way he sees it, either she killed him or he killed her. He does feel bad about the baby but there’s nothing he can do about that. Like I say, Warren doesn’t dwell on things.”

Do you think that ultimately he’ll crack?

“He’s remarkably cool so to be honest I really can’t see him cracking. He would have done by now if he was going to.”

Is there any chance he might turn himself in for the murders?

“Not unless he changes personality. It sounds awful but Warren’s able to live with himself in spite of everything he’s done.”

What’s the story with Warren’s foster brother Spencer?

“Spencer’s mum was Warren’s foster mum – she brought him up. She died and there’s no one else to look after Spencer who has learning difficulties – he’s about 20 but has the mental age of a 12-year-old. They’re very close and Warren regards Spencer as his real brother.”

Is Warren happy to have Spencer around at the moment?

“Yes and no. He cares for Spencer and wants to look after him but he’s going to have to think on his feet and be a free agent if he has any hope of not being found out over killing Louise. Plus if anything happens to Warren, Spencer will be traumatised all over again.”

What do you think the future holds for Warren now?

“He’s just living from day-to-day, surviving on his wits and trying to distract himself.”

Will he be staying away from women after his ordeal with Louise?

“You wouldn’t think Warren would be in the mood for romance but it seems he just can’t help himself. He’s going to have a thing with a woman who’s already in Hollyoaks. Who is she? I’m not telling you that but it will come as one big surprise to everyone!

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