‘Warren likes that he has control over Theresa’

Hollyoaks’ Jamie Lomas tells Soaplife that Warren will keep Theresa out of prison… but at what price?

Why has Warren got involved with Theresa?

“He’s bonded with her because she was loyal to him – she didn’t tell anyone she saw him alive when the loft was on fire. He also likes the fact that he has got control over her.”

He seemed to like it when she confessed to Calvin’s murder?

“That’s because he now has something on her. She can’t turn him in without getting herself into trouble.”

Does he fancy her?

“Well, he does like them young, doesn’t he? There is some chemistry there, but I’m not sure which way the relationship is going at the moment.”

How does he feel about Mandy?

“He’s just using her.”

What does he know about Calvin’s murder?

“We haven’t filmed Theresa explaining the details, but I’m pretty sure it’s something Warren would want to know.”

How does he feel about her killing Calvin?

“He’s really grateful. He wishes he could have done it himself.”

Why does Theresa ask Warren for help?

“Because she knows he’s one person who knows people in prison who could help.”

What’s Warren’s plan?

“To make Kyle disappear so there can’t be a trial.”

How does he do that?

“He gets Kyle beaten up behind bars so that he is transferred to hospital, where he arranges his escape. Warren’s not doing any of this hands on – he’s got other people doing it for him. He’s spent a lot of time in prison, so he’s got all the right contacts.”

Will he kill Kyle or warn him off?

“No. He trusts him to do one. Kyle is free. Why would he want to hang around? It’s in his best interests to disappear and avoid ending up in court.”

Does Warren think this plan will work?

“Yes, of course.”

Will it?

“This is Hollyoaks, so there’s bound to be a few hiccups along the way. Otherwise it would boring!”

Does he tell Theresa what he’s done?

“No. She wants to know, but he just tells her that it’s sorted.”

How does he feel when he finds out the trial has been postponed.

“Great. It’s a case of job done.”

If Warren was alive at the time, could he be the one who shot Calvin?

“No, not at all. He was on his toes at that point.”

What’s in store for Warren?

“More bad deeds. He’s got no conscience and only cares about himself. Nothing has changed!”