Watch Gemma Merna and Jennifer Metcalfe discuss their ‘fabulous’ Hollyoaks exits (VIDEO)

Hollyoaks stars Gemma Merna and Jennifer Metcalfe say their exits from the Channel 4 soap are also their best storylines in eight years on the Channel 4 soap.

The pair, who play Carmel and Mercedes McQueen, joined Hollyoaks within weeks of each other in 2006 and are leaving within a week of each other too.

Gemma died in tonight’s episode and says filming the episode was a ‘fabulous day, that I’ll remember for the rest of my life’.

She told What’s on TV: “It’s the best storyline for me as an actor because I kind of show what I’m capable of, becuase Carmel was a comedy character originally and then came the drama [but] she could only be upset because of man. She never got the storylines to kill somebody… to be vindictive… But there’s the bit where she does turn on her family and stand up to them, so it was nice to have something new in these episodes.”

Jennifer was similarly pleased with her exit because ‘in my last week I got to go back to the old Mercedes, I like to play that… A bit feisty, she doesn’t give a stuff about anybody… just a bit free-willed and she’ll deal with the consequences later’.

Watch Gemma Merna and Jennifer Metcalfe discuss their exits from Hollyoaks, above.



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