Who does Hollyoaks’ Steph really love?

Hollyoaks actress

Carley Stenson reveals Steph might yet choose Gilly over her dishy dancer!

How does Steph feel about dance teacher Fernando?

“He’s extremely attractive, charming and kind. He likes her too. He thinks she’s funny and sweet. They’re good friends, but there’s an attraction – a chemistry – between them too.”

Could it get serious between them?

“Steph’s taking things very steady with him – her involvement with Niall made her wary of trusting any man. At the moment she and Fernando are just having fun together.”

Has Steph come to terms with losing Max?

“A year has passed since Max died and, although she’ll never completely get over losing him, she’s much stronger than she was. She can now talk about him without crying. She knows it’s time to start moving forward.”

Is it tricky because of Tom?

“Not really. Tom loves Steph and he just wants her to be happy.”

Does she realise Gilly fancies her too?

“Steph and Gilly are mates. To her he’s just lovable Gilly in his over-sized clothes. She hasn’t really clocked the fact he’s got this hot bod hidden beneath them.”

Would she be shocked if she knew how Gilly felt about her?

“Steph doesn’t really realise when men like her in ‘that way’. I think it’s because when she was growing up she was never the girl the guys went for. Also Gilly’s her good mate, someone she can be relaxed and completely herself with. There’s never been a moment when she’s taken the time to look at him and think ‘Hmm, actually!’ But that time may not be far off.”

Do you think Steph and Gilly would make a good couple?

“I think so. Her relationship with Max was very grown up – they had business responsibilities and Tom to look after. Her relationship with Fernando is quite mature too. But with Gilly it would be very different. Steph could be the daft girl she used to be with him because he’s a bit of a big kid himself.”

Would she choose him over drop-dead-gorgeous Fernando though?

“I admit Fernando’s more conventionally good-looking, but practically every girl on Hollyoaks fancies Quinny [Anthony Quinlan] who plays Gilly! In real life Quinny,s far more confident than Gilly. Fernando does seem so perfect but maybe perfect isn’t right for Steph.”

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