Who will Darren choose: Nancy or Cindy?

Hollyoaks Hollyoaks’ Ashley Taylor Dawson tells Soaplife that although Darren is given a second chance by Nancy, he’s still tempted by Cindy…

How did Darren feel when Cindy showed up again?

“His first impulse was delight. He was happy to see her, she looked good and he was buzzing. He’s split up from Nancy over the babies, so he was down in the dumps and seeing Cindy again really cheered him up.”

Does he want her back?

“Well, there will always be a sexual chemistry between them, but Darren is still a bit bitter about the fact that she’s dumped him twice for money.”

Surely he wants to have sex with her?

“Of course. He’s like ‘Let’s get it on!’ Darren can’t resist something if it’s easy. They keep trying to have sex, but things keep getting in the way.”

What happens when Suzanne says she’s taking the twins back to Spain?

“Darren is devastated. He knows he won’t have a relationship with them if they’re in Spain. He really wants to be a good dad and tries to persuade Suzanne to stay, but she thinks Darren’s life is too hectic and random.”

How does Darren react when Cindy offers him a job as her chauffeur?

“He says no at first. He doesn’t want Cindy to have power over him, but she offers him a lot of money and as he hasn’t got a job, he decides to accept the offer.”

How does it go?

“The first thing Cindy does is get him to dress up like an idiot. Nancy thinks he looks like a berk in his chauffeur uniform, but she gets a bit jealous.”

What happens?

“Darren takes her for a drive, so they can spend some time together. He tells Nancy that if she takes him back, he will give up his job with Cindy.”

How does Darren feel about Nancy?

“For the first time in his life, he is with someone who has a heart of gold. They have been through a lot together and they’re really close. There’s a lot of deep emotion there and I think Darren has grown up a bit and can see that he’s got something special with Nancy.”

Does Nancy take him back?

“Yes, she does. Cindy is shocked because she can’t believe that Darren would go for anyone but her.”

What will he do for money?

“He’s running Mobs with Duncan, but I don’t think running a smoothie bar is really his thing.”

Will Cindy threaten his relationship with Nancy?

“Nancy has really calmed Darren down. He’s totally in love with her, but I can see him being tempted by Cindy. You have to remember also that she is a milionairess!”

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