After all her lies Tina tells Russ he’s the daddy and changes his life forever, says Hollyoaks’ Stuart Manning.

Russ finds out baby Max is his son… How?

“Tina splits up with Dom then turns up on Russ’s doorstep with Max and tells him Max is his son!”

Did Russ have any suspicions Max could be his?

“He did ask Tina when she was pregnant if he could be the dad and she made it clear he wasn’t. It’s a total shock to discover she lied to him.”

He’s planning to go away with Caroline. Will he still go?

“He wants to play a part in Max’s life, but he’s in love with Caroline. He’s at a loss what to do.”

Does Tina want him to play a part in her life, too?

“When he tells her he’s staying in the village after all she seems happy. But it’s not like they instantly get together. Russ has to come to terms with the massive changes in his life.”

What about Dom? Does Tina finally tell him the truth, too?

“Russ tells her they have to tell Dom, Tony and Jacqui the truth. Dom is Russ’s best friend -­ or was -­ and he feels very guilty about having had sex with his mate’s wife.”

How do Dom and Tony take the news?

“About as badly as you’d expect. Tony’s devastated, Dom’s stunned and Jacqui tries to cover up the fact that she already knew about Russ.”

Tina and Max end up living with Russ – How does that happen?

“Tina’s like an outcast with her family and friends. Dom tells her she’s destroyed his life and he’ll never forgive her. So Russ tells Tina she and Max can stay as long as they want.”

She thinks it means Russ has feelings for her, though, doesn’t she?

“They do get on well together and Russ really starts to enjoy being Max’s dad. But he’s still surprised when Tina comes on to him.”

So he’s not interested in her that way?

“He pushes her away, but later he starts to think about things. He realises he enjoys being with her and next time it’s him who goes in for a kiss!”

Could be a happy ending then?

“Maybe. But I’m not sure about happy endings with any of the McQueen sisters!”