They say true love never runs smooth – and the day of Calvin Valentine’s marriage to Carmel McQueen in Hollyoaks proves to be one disaster after another. Actor Ricky Whittle reveals all…

Soap wedding’s are never straight forward. What happens on Calvin and Carmel‘s big day?

“Calvin brings the drama to the wedding and Carmel brings the comedy. Basically, because Warren’s got Calvin in his pocket, when there’s a big drugs bust at The Loft and Warren knows he’s got drugs there, he sends Calvin in undercover to go and get them for him.”

Does Calvin agree to it?

“Yes. Calvin goes into The Loft but there are sniffer dogs and police all over the place. Calvin finds the drugs, hides them in his pocket and he’s actually stopped by his partner Eddie, who asks what he’s doing there. All the time Eddie’s talking to Calvin, Calvin’s got these drugs in his coat pocket.”

Does Eddie realise what Calvin’s up to?

“Well, because the wedding reception is being held there, Calvin is able to talk his way out of trouble. So he eventually gets to the wedding, where it’s all kicking off because everyone thinks the groom’s not turning up.”

We bet that’s a sight!

“You’ve got Carmel in tears with her crazy fake tan, my sister’s hair is half straight and half curly because the electricity went off while they were getting ready. And Carmel’s dress is so tight, she has to wear roller boots and roll down the aisle.”

Sounds like a hoot! What do you think draws Calvin and Carmel together?

“I think Carmel and Calvin are the weirdest couple in the world but a lot of people seem to like them together. Basically, Calvin went from Louise, who he never really trusted, and he’s now found someone he can trust, someone that idolises him and likes his job. He just feels really loved and it’s a nice place to be for him.”

They’re quite an unlikely couple though aren’t they?

“Calvin idolises Carmel. She might come out with crazy comments and do silly little things but he just adores her. I don’t think he’s embarrassed by her, he just thinks it’s sweet. They are similar in that Calvin and Carmel are probably two of the most loyal, moral characters in soap land.”

But Calvin’s loyalty to Carmel is being put the test over Nige’s death isn’t it?

“Calvin’s a very honest person, and loyal to his family and fiancé and it’s killing him that he can’t tell Carmel about the business with Nige. He wants to tell her on so many occasions but it’s always the wrong moment. Calvin doesn’t want to lose her and he doesn’t want to go to jail and not be around to look after the family.”

Isn’t Calvin worried that he’ll be starting married life on a lie?

“It seems like Calvin doesn’t want to get married but he does, he just wants Carmel to hear the truth before she says ‘I do’. Everything’s hanging over him on his wedding day. He’s got the drugs on him while he’s telling her he’ll always be truthful to her, but also playing on his mind is that he wants to tell Carmel that he’s killed someone.”

Will it be happy ever after?

“I think they’ll last a while but the truth has got to come out about him murdering someone, and about him turning to the dark side. No one ever stays happy in soap land, do they?”