Will Craig and John Paul walk off into the sunset?

Craig returns to Hollyoaks next week, but is it for a happy ending with John Paul? Actor Guy Burnet gives us some exclusive hints…

Craig comes back to the village… Why?

“To see his mum and his sister, really. He’s changed a lot over the past year – he’s travelled the world a bit and studied in Dublin.”

What about John Paul? Does he want to to see him?

“He doesn’t come back specifically to see John Paul, but he knows it’s inevitable he will see him.”

Is he still in love with John Paul?

“John Paul is shocked to see Craig back and it’s obvious there are still strong feelings there, a chemistry between them.”

But they don’t fall into each other’s arms?

“No. I’d hate that to happen. It would be such a cliche and not at all realistic.”

How does Craig feel about John Paul and Kieron’s marriage?

“John Paul’s already having second thoughts before Craig returns. He confides in Craig that he’s not sure what to do and they talk. Then John Paul tells Kieron he can’t go through with the marriage…”

Does that mean there’s a chance for John Paul and Craig to get back together?

“Craig hopes so and tells John Paul he still has feelings for him. But John Paul says it’s Kieron he wants.”

Only it’s not really is it?

John Paul tries to push Craig away, but the emotion and desire is too strong between them and he finally gives in to his feelings – and Craig.”

Where does that leave Kieron?

“John Paul knows he has to go and see him and be truthful with him, but then something happens that threatens all their happines”

Do you think Craig and John Paul should be together?

“I know loads of the viewers do. There’s a campaign on the web called Sunset Ending and it’s due to the strength of feeling on the site that I’ve been brought back for a bit. The viewers deserve to have their thoughts and feelings taken into account – we all think that at Hollyoaks. It’s the most important thing.”

So will John Paul and Craig get their sunset ending?

“All I will say is that if they do get it, they might wish they hadn’t. In soap as in life, you tend to want what you can’t have.”