Will Theresa meet her end when Kyle returns?

Theresa is thrown into a state of panic when she hears that Kyle is in the area. But she has reason to worry, Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter tells Soaplife…

How does Theresa feel about the news of Kyle’s return?

“Her reaction is one of utter shock. She thought that Kyle was safely locked up in prison. She goes to Warren because he is the only person who can help her.”

What about her family?

“When she tells them, they advise her to leave with baby Angel. She’s a bit upset that her family aren’t sticking up for her and sorting the problem out. She feels a bit rejected.”

But we thought Carmel was looking after the baby?

“Theresa thinks that with Kyle on the loose, Angel won’t be safe, so she decides to take her with her.”

What happens when she meets Ethan to say goodbye?

“She wants to say goodbye to him but she’s upset that she has to go and leave him. But Ethan’s not there. A man jumps out of the shadows and bundles her and the baby into a car. It’s Kyle!”

Where does he take her?

“To this derelict building, which is actually an old bank in Liverpool. It was amazing.”

What does Theresa think Kyle is going to do to her?

“She thinks he wants to kill her. He knows she set him up and he’s had a long time to sit in prison and think about what he’s going to do to Theresa.”

What does he want?

“I think he wants Theresa to know what it feels like to be as scared as he was when he was wrongly imprisoned.”

Does Theresa try and talk him out of it?

“Yes, she tells him it wasn‘t her idea to frame him. She was just going along with it.”

Where is the baby at this point?

“The baby is there, all wrapped up and crying.”

What happens when Theresa manages to escape?

“She struggles free and runs off with the baby. Kyle catches her and she grabs an old till and whacks him over the head with it.”

Does she get away?

“No. She manages to call Carmel when she’s freed herself and she turns up with Ethan. Warren finds out from Brendan what’s happening and he shows up as well.”

What happens?

“Well, somebody gets shot. There’s a big brawl and Kyle, Ethan, Theresa and Angel end up falling down a life shaft. We did our own stunts. It was incredible, as they built this 80ft shaft and we had to wear harnesses. Gemma Merna is scared of heights, but I loved it. I could have hung there on a rope all day!”

What will the outcome of this be?

“That would be telling! If Theresa survives, she might want to confess to the murder or the experience will make her glad to be alive and she’ll want to remain free. And Carmel might say she’s not fit to look after Angel after what happened.”