Will Tina give up her baby?

Hollyoaks‘ surrogate mum-to-be Tina McQueen is rushed to hospital after a fall – but there’s further heartache when she decides she wants to keep the baby, as actress Leah Hackett explains…

Tina’s badly injured and rushed to hospital� What happens?

“Tina and Niall get chatting and Niall tells her how terrible he feels about causing Max’s death� and because he confides in her she confides in him back and reveals she’s been thinking of having her baby adopted.”

Why would she do that?

“She overhears Tony and Mandy discussing Max’s death and hears Tony tell Mandy he’s not really sure about his surrogate baby.”

How does Niall react?

“Tina has no idea he’s her brother and that Myra abandoned him – but of course it’s the reason he hates the McQueens. He doesn’t understand how anyone could do that to their own child.”

Does he tell her alll this?

“No, but he loses it and as she’s on the phone and about to tell Jacqui she can’t give her the baby, he pushes her down the steps.”

Is she badly hurt?

“She’s unconscious and rushed to hospital where she has to have an emergency Caesarean.”

Does her baby survive?

“She has a perfect baby boy� but Tina isn’t OK. There are complications and she has to have a hysterectomy. She’ll never be able to have another baby�”

Might she decide to keep this baby then? After all Russ is the real father, not Tony.

“When Tina sees the baby for the first time she just realises that she can’t give him up. She knows this is her only chance of motherhood she tells Jacqui that she’s keeping the baby.”

How does Jacqui react?

“She’s distraught and not about to give up on her dream. She resorts to blackmail and threatens to reveal all about Russ being the real father.”

Which would mean that Tina would lose Dom for sure�

“It would break his heart and she couldn’t do that. Jacqui also lays it on thick about what the baby means to her and how Tina didn’t want a baby anyway� and Tina’s sort of forced to agree to give him up.”

But how will she cope seeing and secretly wanting her son every day?

“She won’t� He is her baby not Jacqui’s and Tony isn’t even really his father. She has strong and genuine feelings for her baby boy and she’s not going to be able to turn her back on her baby.”

This isn’t going to have a happy ending is it?

“I can’t see one!”