Zoe’s day of reckoning!

Hollyoaks’ Zoe Lister warns if Zoe is freed she’s going to make Lydia pay…

Archie told Zoe it was Lydia who sabotaged Sarah’s parachute. What does Zoe think happened?

“She can’t understand why Lydia would want to kill Sarah. She still has no idea Lydia was really trying to kill her.”

What does Lydia say when she’s called to give evidence at the trial?

“She tells a pack of lies, saying she heard Zoe being aggressive and making a pass at Sarah. Lydia is very convincing and it looks like it will be Zoe’s word against hers.”

How does Zoe cope on the stand?

“She tries to be strong but the prosecution breaks her down, firing questions at her about her relationship with Sarah. Whatever Zoe says seems to get her further and further into this big hole.”

There is a glimmer of hope though when the knife used to cut the parachute strings is produced…

“Lydia’s new girlfriend Charlotte recognises the knife. Away from court she confronts Lydia and she admits she cut the chute but says she was trying to kill herself. Then she threatens to kill herself if Charlotte tells anyone.”

Charlotte finds Sarah’s diary hidden among Lydia’s things. What does it say?

“It records Sarah’s strong feelings for Zoe and Charlotte makes Lydia hand it over to Mike. When he takes the stand he reads from the diary and tells the court he now believes Sarah may have taken her own life.”

Does this mean Zoe’s going to be freed?

“The evidence is potentially in Zoe’s favour though it’s not proof she’s innocent. But Zoe knows at least that Mike now realises she’s not a murderer.”

How will Zoe cope if she’s found guilty?

“I don’t think she will cope at all.”

And if she goes free?

“She will still have a big fight on her hands. Ultimately she’ll want Lydia to pay for killing Sarah… one way or another.”

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