Alfie’s manic behaviour spirals dangerously out of control

Everyone's worried as Alfie's volatile behaviour takes a turn for the worse. Is he about to put his own life at risk?

Tom and Yazz start to have serious worries about Alfie when his behaviour becomes increasingly manic.  Concerned about his friend, Tom urges Alfie to seek help from a doctor but Alfie refuses and later the voice in his head tells him that the Cunningham family is in serious danger.

What will Alfie do as he races to the Cunningham household and is he about to put his own life at risk?

Elsewhere Peri throws a birthday party for Harley but things spiral out of control when Hunter has way too much to drink.

Plus Dirk gets a huge surprise when his daughter Liberty shows up on his doorstep. What’s brought her back to Chester so suddenly?