Killer Ryan is on the run and comedian Alan Carr makes a guest appearance!

Comedian and presenter Alan Carr, takes a stroll through Chester meanwhile Leah and Lucas are terrified when Ryan suddenly appears in the woods....

Comedian Alan Carr bowls up in Chester with his two dogs and overhears a heated conversation unfolding between Yazz who is furious that Tony and Diane have turned against her mum, Misbah.

Elsewhere, Leah and Lucas who are on their camping trip with Ste and Harry, are horrified when they start playing a game of hide and seek and killer Ryan, who’s on the run, suddenly appears in the woods. What is he going to do and are the children in danger?

Meanwhile, Cindy has got her eye on Theo and begs Milo to get his brother to stick around the village plus scheming Kyle ramps up his plan to get revenge on James. What has he got up his sleeve?