Caught out? Is Mandy and Darren’s affair about to be rumbled in Hollyoaks?

Secret lovers Darren and Mandy take more risks and a familiar face returns to Hollyoaks

Secret lovers Darren and Mandy think they’ve found the perfect hideaway to continue their affair when The Bean is broken into.

But are their other halves, Nancy and Luke onto them when the duo fail to return home for an entire night?

Elsewhere Tony’s excited when Finn returns to Chester but his joy is short-lived when he has to break some disappointing news to his old mate.

Meanwhile Buster impresses Damon when he announces he wants to set up a football academy. Will this new venture bring father and son closer together?

Plus Marnie’s in a panic when her court date is brought forward. Is the Nightingale mum, who’s covered for her daughter Ellie, facing a stretch behind bars?